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DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS is a world leader in automotive systems and components, providing comprehensive product solutions to vehicle original equipment manufacturers ( OEMs ) around the world.


Delphi aftermarket spare parts put to the same rigorous research and technological expertise as the original equipment components. Every item that carries the Delphi aftermarket brand is developed and manufactured with the same high quality standards required by Delphis OEM customers.

   DELPHI and the shock absorbers

In 1953 the high-pressure monotube shock absorber was invented by Christian Bourcier de Carbon. In the same year was established De Carbon company, which later, in 1997 become 100 % part of Delphi. With more than 20 % of the European original equipment market, Delphi is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of shock absorbers. Delphi de Carbon is the worlds largest producer of monotube high-pressure gas shock absorbers, invented by Christian Bourcier de Carbon. Delphi de Carbon shock absorbers guarantee high quality, extreme comfort and maximum safety.

   DELPHIs range of filters and lubricants

DELPHI's range of high-quality filters and lubricants is one of the most comprehensive available on the independent aftermarket. The filter range covers approximatly 95 % of the market. Delphi lubricants are created using the latest modern technologies and they meet and even exceed the performance requirements of the original equipment vehicle manufacturers. The use of these lubricants protects the engine, prolongs his life and considerably improves the work of the vehicle as a whole.

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